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Say Goodbye to Discs.

Play & make backups of your games, right from your Wii.

Wii Mod Pro Backup Games

Play any classic gaming system.

Our Wii Mod Pro service is packed with emulators.

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Get our Wii Mod Pro service now.

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Wii Mod Pro Backup Discs

No More Discs

Play & make backups of your games, right from your Wii

Wii Mod Pro Emulators

Go Retro

Play classic games through emulators

Wii Mod Pro Homebrew Apps

Tons of Apps

Browse for apps with the included HomeBrew Browser

Wii Mod Pro WiiMC

Stream Anything

Stream videos from your computer and online sites like YouTube or Navi-X

“Wii Mod Pro was definitely worth the money! A lot of time saving- no more loading disks! My kids are really enjoying it.”

Rodrigo, Wii Mod Pro customer

View a video demo of our Wii Mod Pro service running emulators →

Play Every Classic System

Check our Wii Emulator article to see how our Wii Mod Pro service is a retro gamer's dream come true.

Wii Mod Pro service pricing and options →

All of our services include free mail-in shipping and super fast turnaround, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

+ Hard Drive

500GB Portable USB HDD

  • Includes Wii Memory Upgrade
  • 1000's of games from classic systems included


Modded Wii

Wii System + Wii Mod Pro service

  • Nintendo Wii Console
  • Wii Mod Pro service
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 1 Year Warranty